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Black Lace (Paths of the spirit, #1)–J.V.K.


Title: Black Lace
Series: Paths of the spirit, #1
Author: J.V.K.
Publisher: lulu.com
Pages: 179
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Demensions: 15х22 cm
Language: English
Published: 04.12.2011
Category:  Horror
ISBN: 978-1-4709-9364-1
Price: 9,99 € Order from here (paperback)
Price: 3,98 € Order from here (ebook)
Price: 4,99 $ Order from here (ebook)
Price: 4,99 $ Order from here (ebook)


Vivian Donovan Rei eighteen year old girl whose biggest problem is which gun to take when she goes out at night. Particularly small and apathetic, heir to a wealthy family, she was promised in marriage to one of the last pureblooded vampire. As such, she must comply with the laws of the Council, headed by her future father-in-law. Rei keeps her secrets fiercely and not allow anyone near her easily. She is the "watchdog" of the order of Raven, town utopia for creatures who broke off from the known evolution and seek asylum.
In the Raven she is the law, judge, jury and executioner.
"Black Lace" is a breathtaking story about the "free" choice, love and ways of life. Exciting and unusual story of love and betrayal that will leave you captivated and with never-ending need for more.


“Are you okay? Does it hurt?” he asked worried.

“U… Aa…” she smiled.

“I am almost there. It may hurt a little bit… I will try to make it as painless as possible.”

She smiled.

“I am sorry.”

He apologized preliminarily and then pushed hard and fast. Her hymen tore and the shooting pain went through her whole body. Her eyes fill with tears and she suppressed her cry. Her back curved painfully. He slipped his hand under her by the extension of the spine and lifted her a little as he was leaning all of their combine weight on his right hand. Her head was bent backwards; her long hair was falling freely on the sheets. She was shaking.


“It’s …”

“It’s not necessary to continue, if you…”

“No…I am fine.” She raised her head and her face was wet with tears.

“But you…”

“I want that…” she smiled. “I want it… with you.” She moved and wrapped her hands around his neck.

He started moving slowly at first, so she could adapt to the pain, but the more he was moving inside of her, the more her nails were digging into his skin.


That noise. She let it out. Her lungs…

This gave him such an uncontrollable hunger, and sexual satisfaction that he completely forgot that he was supposed to be gentle. He sat and took her with him. Her legs were bent around him and her toes were clinging into the covers. His left hand was stretched on the extension of her back and his right one was deep into her hair. She was lost between pain and pleasure.

His movements were strong, hard and powerful. He was moving her with no problem. Thrusting. Moaning. Their bodies were one, as their souls.

She felt him growing bigger.

“Aah” she sighed and sank her nails deeper, she bent his back. It hurt, but it was a sweet, sweet pain. “Aahh” she let her heavenly moan again.

He was so close.

He became rougher. Her hips were shaking, she was foretasting his climax and only the thought of him reaching his orgasm while he is still inside her made her even more excited. Now both his hands were on her waist and he was pushing harder and harder, going deeper and deeper.

And then it happened! He filled her up. His orgasm was absolute! It was the first and the only time he felt like that.


I am born in May 1991, Bulgaria. I’ve spent my youth studding foreign languages. Education is a big part of my life. I took my first bachelor degree when I was 17 and still at school. Now I am a college student in my second year and in the future I will be an economist.

I spent my free time writing, reading, drawing or watching animes. Music is a huge part of my life. I love technologies and graphic programs.

'Black lace' is my first book and it is part ‘Paths of the spirit’ series. If you like my writing I would love it if you share it with me.
Find me on facebook: j.v.k.


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